sets Guinness World Record for 'fastest mobile bed' sets Guinness World Record for ‘fastest mobile bed’

DUBAI — sets ‘Fastest Mobile Bed’ Guinness World Records title in the United Arab Emirates by building a bed on a Ford Mustang GT.

The hi-octane feat saw a bed, based on a modified Ford Mustang GT, traveling at almost 135 kilometers per hour. Footage of the world record setting attempt can be seen here on YouTube

The Guinness World Records title was claimed during an event at the purpose-built Emirates Motorplex dragstrip in the emirate of Um Al Quwain by renowned international racing driver Tom Onslow-Cole on 13 December 2016, at a verified speed of 135 kilometers per hour. An adjudicator from Guinness World Records was present and confirmed the new record for ‘Fastest Mobile Bed’, beating the previous record of 111 kilometers per hour which was held in the UK since 2008.

Tom Onslow-Cole, driver of the World’s Fastest Bed, said: “As an international racing driver, I travel the world and use wherever I stay, so I already knew they could deliver a fast bed via the app and online – now I know they can deliver it on track, too! I was made-up to take the World’s Fastest Bed Record with, it was an unforgettable experience and I hope it’ll stand the test of time – it’ll take some beating!”

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