Tuesday January 19, 2021
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The Canadian Press was created by newspaper publishers in 1917 to facilitate the exchange of news across a vast and sparsely populated country. Today, The Canadian Press is a dynamic, agile, bilingual news agency, driven by leading-edge technology and the ability to serve multimedia news Canadians everywhere.

Hundreds of passengers denied boarding since PCR test rule came into effect

Canada's new COVID-19 testing requirement for international travellers has caused hundreds of people to miss flights in just the first week of the program's rollout.
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Feds make good on benefit changes for out-of-country travellers

OTTAWA — The federal government has ordered that anyone applying for COVID-19 benefits will need to report whether they have recently travelled outside of the country — though it isn’t clear how it will catch and penalize any cheaters. The government announced the new requirement Monday following an uproar over the possibility that some people […]
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Airports in N.B., N.S. without commercial service after Air Canada cuts

Some of Atlantic Canada's airports are going without commercial service starting today following Air Canada's decision to cancel flights to Sydney, N.S., and Saint John, N.B., amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Travel agents help get word out about industry’s ‘tailspin’

The travel industry in Canada has been thrown into a “tailspin” by new federal rules requiring a COVID-19 test before Canadians are allowed back into the country from most international travel, says the Association of Canadian Independent Travel Advisors.
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Feds could cut COVID-19 benefit for holiday travellers

The federal Liberal government mulled the possibility of barring Canadians who travelled abroad from receiving a sick leave benefit aimed at those who must quarantine due to COVID-19 on Sunday amid fresh admissions of foreign excursions from a growing list of politicians and a national case count that surpassed 600,000.
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Feds announce Jan. 7 as date for new pre-arrival COVID testing rule

Anyone arriving in Canada starting Jan. 7 will need to have a negative COVID-19 test before boarding and may have to quarantine in a federal facility if they have inadequate isolation plans, the federal government says.
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Border controls sufficient, say feds; Supreme Court nixes refund case

The federal government defended its approach to securing Canada's border against COVID-19 on Tuesday as Ontario Premier Doug Ford once again called for more testing at points of entry.
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Canada restricts UK travel due to new strain of virus that causes COVID 19

The federal government is restricting travel from the U.K. for 72 hours in an effort to keep a contagious new strain of the virus that causes COVID-19 out of Canada.
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CTA seeks input on proposed changes to airline rules when it comes to refunds

The CTA is seeking input from the public about requests by airlines to weaken regulations that protect airline passengers.
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No vaccination, then maybe no travel – but Pfizer vaccine gets green light from Health Canada

Ontario residents who choose not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine could face certain restrictions, the province's health minister said Tuesday, noting that the government will provide proof of immunization to those who get the shot.
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