Dear Jetstar: Boy writes adorable letter to request upgrade

Dear Jetstar: Boy writes adorable letter to request upgrade

MELBOURNE — Never underestimate the power of the pen – or the adorability of kids.

Nine-year-old Jasper Francis of Melbourne, Australia was rewarded with a free upgrade to business class after writing a heartfelt letter to Jetstar Airways, reports

The boy, who was booked on a recent flight from Melbourne to Bangkok in economy, inquired in his letter whether “kids are allowed to fly business class by themselves”. He then informed the airline that he had already saved $85 of his pocket money for an upgrade, and then asked “how much more do I need to save?”

He signed the letter “Yours sincerely, Jasper”.

Because dreams do come true, the adorable letter eventually made its way to Jetstar staffers who were touched by Jasper’s request. A group of 20 employees ended up pooling their $50 Christmas vouchers to get Jasper his upgrade.

The boy, who reports is an aspiring pilot, was beyond thrilled. Not only did he fly the nine-and-a-half hours to Bangkok in complete luxury, he also gained plenty of fans around the world.

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