Direct Mail

Believe it or not, direct mail is still an effective marketing tool

Direct Mail

Last column we talked about the importance of using different channels to reach all your customers. This column will address direct mail.

Yes, that’s right: direct mail, snail mail, as in the kind that is delivered by the postman (well, for now, at least).

Many marketers have moved away from direct mail because of cost, in favour of e-mail and social media.

This is certainly true in the travel industry and, even though the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation is now in effect, most companies will still find a way to continue to e-mail their clients (more about this in my next column).

But direct mail can and should still play a part in your marketing strategy. For one thing, some of your customers don’t use e-mail, and if they do, a lot of it ends up in their trash or they feel overwhelmed by too many e-mails and press delete. Pressing delete is always an option with e-mail but it’s not an option with direct mail.

There are certain tricks when using direct mail to ensure your message is not discarded. Handwritten postcards and envelopes receive more attention. Attractive travel images are always appealing. Personalization of some sort always helps.

There are programs that can make this easy for you and you should ask your host agency if they offer direct mail as one of their marketing options. Some agencies have abandoned direct mail but this could be a mistake.

Look for a host agency that features direct mail promotions and programs to reach your clients. Find out if they will mail the pieces on your behalf and if so, how many and how often?

Sending your clients timely, attractive direct mail pieces keeps you top of mind and recommends different types of travel experiences on a direct basis.

Clever marketers have discovered that the letterbox is less crowded these days and your message has a better chance of being noticed and held onto. If you are out of sight, you are out of mind!

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