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TPI to sell exclusive suite of TIC insurance products in 3-year pact

WINNIPEG — Travel Professionals International (TPI) and TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators (TIC) have launched a three-year partnership in which TPI will sell an exclusive suite of TIC travel insurance products through their network of advisors across Canada.

“Our two companies are a great match,” says Tim Morgan, Vice President, TPI. “Ever since we made our initial announcement, we’ve both been looking forward to working together for a number of reasons.”

For one, both companies share a mutual belief in building good, strong, collaborative relationships and in putting people first, said Morgan. “In fact, TPI is already enjoying having a partner who is committed to working with them on business development, training and sales support – all areas they consider essential to their advisors’ sales success.”

TIC said it is a dedicated supporter of travel agents and the role they play in guiding and advising travellers. The partnership is a great opportunity to connect with TPI’s experts to build awareness about the value and importance of travel insurance, and help their clients stay protected during their travels.

According to TIC, TPI’s input into what their advisors and clients want and need was invaluable in building an exclusive travel insurance product suite.

“Like TPI, we want to ensure that travellers have the best possible travel experience,” says Gino Riola, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing. “Together TPI and TIC have created a brilliant foundation that is already building good momentum for achieving our common goals.”

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