Saturday February 23, 2019
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Watch shocking video of cars going up in flames at Newark airport

An early morning fire has set over a dozen vehicles ablaze yesterday in the parking garage of Newark Liberty International Airport.
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Drunken, disorderly passenger forced to pay WestJet over $20,000

For one WestJet passenger, a few drinks have not only led to a bad hangover but also a hefty fine of over $20,000.
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New to market: Zurich Travel Insurance now available

Zurich Insurance has launched Zurich Travel Insurance for Canadians travelling out-of-country.
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You can soon be arrested in Goa for doing this

You know that dream we all have of lounging on a beach, drink in hand? Well, you can go ahead and throw that dream out the window, at least in the state of Goa.
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This city topped Bed Bugs list for 3rd straight year

Warning: the following story may induce extreme itching.
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Travel site is giving away Trump stress balls to anyone who books a Mexico hotel

Suffering from migraines? Your stomach all tied up in knots? It could be due to Trump-related stress, says a popular hotel booking app.
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Comfy, cozy and Canadian: Air Canada & Roots surprise passengers with sweatpants

Sweat pants are finally getting their due as a legitimate item of clothing. They even have a day named after them.
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Woman caught trying to smuggle gerbils strapped to her legs

A walk says a lot about a person, whether they’re confident, shy, lazy or – in the case of one Taiwanese woman – whether they’ve got gerbils strapped to their legs.
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Toto’s ‘Africa’ will play on loop for all of eternity in Namib desert

What’s the longest a song has ever gotten stuck in your head? An hour? A day? How about infinity?
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2019 Trend Report: Transformational travel, and are those real followers, or just bots?

The Canadian travel industry is fuelled year after year by huge volumes of ITC package sales to sun and sand destinations. So does that mean we’re immune to 2019’s travel trends? Not at all.
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