Tuesday January 28, 2020
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Canadian officials reach out to CZ311 passengers as coronavirus spreads

Canadian health officials are reaching out to passengers aboard the Jan. 22 CZ311 China Southern Airlines flight who sat within two metres of Toronto’s first confirmed case of coronavirus.
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A new president, CEO and hotel openings for Palladium in 2020

Palladium Hotel Group has a new President and CEO at the reins to kick off its 50th anniversary year.
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Edmonton agent wins trip for two to Hawaii

Morgan Winter of Paull Travel has won a trip for two to the Aloha State after successfully completing Hawaii Tourism Authority’s Hawaii Destination Specialist Program.
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This tourist hotspot has banned pub crawls and happy hours

Party’s over, folks, let’s call it a night!
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It is so cold in Florida that iguanas are falling out of trees

And here we thought Newfoundlanders had it bad.
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Passenger caught plugging his Playstation into airport monitor

The struggle is real for die-hard gamers who want nothing more than to just play all the live long day.
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CATO hammers home case for consumer-pay model for Comp Fund

There can be no rebuilding of consumer confidence without a properly funded Compensation Fund, and that includes a consumer-pay model, says CATO Chair Brett Walker.
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What would you do? Alaska man gets trapped inside shed by “aggressive” moose

Remember the bear in Alaska that was breaking into all those cars at the airport? Well, there’s another rogue animal on the loose that Alaskans need to worry about, this one seemingly unafraid of getting up close and personal.
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World watches, waits to see impact of virus outbreak in China

Starting this week passengers arriving at airports in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto will see messaging about watching for flu-like symptoms, to monitor for the coronavirus.
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We now live in a world that has pizza ATMs and we are all for it

So we already have vending machines that spit out short stories, engagement rings and French champagne, but this new invention may be our all-time favourite.
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