Watch this man light a cigarette on a plane then fall asleep

MINNEAPOLIS — We get it, travelling can be disorienting. But to the point where you forget you’re on an airplane? Apparently so.

A Spirit Airlines passenger flying to Minneapolis on May 21 was caught on video lighting up a cigarette mid-flight, completely oblivious to the small fact that, oh you know, he’s on a plane where smoking is against the law.

The video was taken by an unnamed female passenger who was sitting next to the smoker. She said that he appeared visibly intoxicated at the very start of the flight.

“This man was in my seat and I thought he might be inebriated,” she said. “Once everyone boarded the plane I got in my assigned seat and realized his seat was next to mine. I breathed in deeply, but told myself that I wouldn’t be that person to treat him differently.”

Once the flight took off at 8:30 a.m., the man moved into the adjacent vacant aisle seat, much to the female passenger’s relief. But her relief was short-lived.

“Throughout the flight, I could hear him making loud outbursts. Roughly 40 minutes before we landed, he laid across the two seats with his butt towards me,” she recalled. “He continued his loud outbursts and began aggressively flipping the tray open and closed, then he sat up. I saw him take the cigarettes and lighter out of his pocket. I pulled out my phone and started to record as he lit the cigarette.”

In the video, the man is shown casually lighting up before making himself more comfortable in his seat and closing his eyes. He appears to doze off while an unidentified male passenger across the aisle tries to alert the cabin crew.

Shortly thereafter, a flight attendant approaches and taps him awake.

“You cannot smoke on an airplane,” he says, “it’s against the law.” The flight attendant then requests to see his boarding pass.

To the man’s credit, he genuinely appears to be shocked by the fact that he’s on an airplane. “Oh my God,” he says before sitting upright and repeatedly apologizing.

Maybe he’s a time traveller from before the year 2000 when smoking on U.S. commercial flights was still allowed? Or maybe he thought he put on his invisibility cloak that morning and that no one could see him?

Either way, we’re sure he had a heck of a time explaining himself to airport police who removed him from the plane as soon as it landed.