Time’s running out to become a Club Med Specialist & win prizes

TORONTO — Club Med is reminding agents that time is running out to become a 2019 Club Med Specialist and win prizes.

By viewing six of the company’s eight webinars before Aug. 31, agents are eligible for 2019 Club Med Specialist certification, an email signature with the designation, and the grand prize of 20,000 Great Advisors points, which will be drawn on Sept. 1.

Participants of each webinar will also be entered into a draw to win a $50 gift card.

The complete program consists of eight webinars that showcase why travellers should choose Club Med. Each online session highlights the diversity of the Club Med portfolio, and allows travel agents to deepen their expertise on the different aspects of Club Med products worldwide.

All webinars are available in French and English. Five of the webinars are now available in recorded version online, and the next three webinars will offer two live sessions at different times for each language.

To become a Club Med Specialist, go to https://en.clubmedagents.ca/training-tools-benefits/become-club-med-specialist-webinar-calendar/. There agents can access previously recorded webinars and register for upcoming live sessions.