Watch as a woman trips and falls into a shark tank at a Chinese mall

Watch as a woman trips and falls into a shark tank at a Chinese mall

ZHEJIANG, CHINA — Malls nowadays have become tourist destinations in their own right, with everything from skating rinks to ski hills luring shoppers from around the world. But for one woman in Zhejiang, China, a trip to the local mall nearly turned into a deadly event.

In a video clip taken on Oct. 12, the woman is seen rushing across a bridge at a mall in Jiaxing City, located east of China’s Zhejiang Province. She then trips over a missing glass panel in the floor and falls straight into a tank full of lemon sharks, which was previously installed as a tourist draw.

Luckily, she didn’t become shark bait thanks to the quick thinking of passersby and two security guards who rushed over to help pull her to safety.

According to Discovery, lemon sharks can grow up to 3.5 metres long. Although they’re not typically aggressive towards humans, they will attack if they feel threatened.

So what happened? Why was there a hole in the bridge in the first place?

Turns out, the mall’s maintenance workers had been feeding the sharks that morning and left the panel open without putting up a warning sign.

A mall spokesperson told Beijing Time that a safety barrier is usually put in place to prevent shoppers from crossing the bridge.

Talk about a major oversight.

This is just the latest close call with mall sharks in China. In June, a six-year-old girl had her right hand bitten by a shark in an aquarium at a mall in Guiyang City. According to local newspaper Guiyang Evening News, Wang Xiaoli suffered nine bites the largest wound measuring 5 cm, along with extensive nerve and tendon damage.

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