Unbelievable: This airport has NEVER lost a piece of luggage

Unbelievable: This airport has NEVER lost a piece of luggage

TORONTO — Believe it or not, there exists a major airport in the world that has never lost one item of luggage – ever. Don’t believe us? We don’t blame you, considering the fact that lost baggage has become an everyday occurrence at just about every airport in the world.

But this particular airport can proudly say that it has never misplaced a passenger’s bag, not once in over 20 years. So which airport is it?

Kansai International Airport in Japan, a country already known for being super organized and efficient.

According to Traveltalk, Kansai (KIX), which is located near Osaka, was recently given the distinction of ‘best baggage delivery’ at the World Airport Awards, beating out Hong Kong International and Singapore Changi. The airport was heralded for the short time it takes for passengers to receive their luggage after they deplane and for its custom of placing suitcases on carousels with their handles facing outwards, making it easier for travellers to collect their luggage.

But even more impressive is the airline’s record for never once losing any luggage. Operator New Kansai International Airport Co told Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper that the airport hasn’t lost any luggage at all since it opened in 1994.

KIX was also voted the world’s best facility for low-cost carriers, and ranked among the top four cleanest airports in the world and in the top five for airport dining and security.

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