Woman demands a divorce, prompts 7-hour flight delay

Woman demands a divorce, prompts 7-hour flight delay

MOSCOW — No doubt the flight would have been a bumpy ride had the bickering couple stayed on the plane. But a bad situation was made even worse when a woman forced the evacuation of a plane and ended up subjecting her fellow passengers to a seven-hour delay after she told her husband she “not in the mood to fly now” and in fact wanted a divorce.

A Russian woman and her husband boarded the plane in Moscow, heading for Vladivostock on Russia’s east coast. The plane was taxiing for the eight-hour flight when the woman was overheard repeating “I am not in the mood to fly now” and indicating that she wanted to leave the aircraft.

According to reports from passengers on the flight, the crew tried for an hour to convince the woman to stay onboard the plane, to no avail. For security reasons some 525 passengers were then forced to disembark and endure a seven-hour delay as the plane queued for another inspection.

We want to know, did the husband follow his wife off the plane, or did he fly on to Vladivostok? If he took the trip it might have been the most relaxing vacation he’d had in years.

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