Trevello advisors honoured at ACV@Home awards

Trevello advisors honoured at ACV@Home awards

TORONTO — Trevello travel advisors took centre stage at this week’s ACV@Home Simply the Best Awards, taking home several of the night’s top awards.

In the ‘Rising Stars’ category for ‘Most Improved Sales’ from 2019-2022, Clara Power, Kayla Gavin and Juphel Falcs were all recognized for their outstanding performance and growth in sales. 

The ‘Top Groups Supporters’ and ‘Top Overall Supporters’ awards went to Jen Langlois and Mahla Pourshamsa, respectively, highlighting their support to clients.

The ‘Diversified Sales Award’ was given to Karin Zabunyan for her ability to book a wide variety of product lines.

“The ACV@Home Simply the Best Awards demonstrate the importance of recognizing and celebrating exceptional performance,” said Zeina Gedeon, CEO of Trevello Travel Group Inc. “Trevello Travel Group Inc.’s commitment to providing exceptional service and value to its advisors and partners is evident through the recognition of their achievements. The talented team of travel advisors at Trevello is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service to clients.”

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