Europe recovery making headway from global markets, including Canada

Europe recovery making headway from global markets, including Canada

TORONTO — European destinations are on their way to recovering pre-pandemic tourist arrivals, and Canadian travel sentiment for 2023 is positive, according to new stats from the European Travel Commission.

The ETC’s ‘European Tourism: Trends & Prospects’ report for Q4 2022, and the latest Long-Haul Travel Barometer (LHTB) 1/2023, show that travel recovery continued in late 2022, owing to strong pent-up demand and excess savings accumulated during the pandemic.

Long-haul markets to Europe are lagging behind short- and medium-haul, but the prospects for 2023 are encouraging, says the ETC. Recovery is slower in Eastern Europe due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.


While the share of Canadians planning to visit Europe between January and April was up from 15% in 2022 to 29% in 2023, the majority (62%) of Canadian respondents say they’ll refrain from overseas trips at the beginning of 2023. The main deterrent (39%) is disposable budget.

Canada’s arrivals to Europe are expected to be 28% below 2019 levels in 2023. The top European destinations for Canadians are France, Italy, the UK, and Germany.

Says Sandra Moffatt, Chair of ETC’s Canada Chapter: “2022 was a positive year for many European destinations, and we welcome the continuation of this strong rate of recovery from Canada. Despite ongoing economic headwinds, sentiment remains very positive with 70% of Canadians intending to take a long-haul trip this year, and we look forward to welcoming visitors looking to explore Europe in 2023.”


From all of its global markets Europe is anticipating a recovery of 75% of 2019 travel volumes to Europe in 2022. The strong rebound is expected to continue well into 2023, though at a slower pace.

International travel to Europe is forecast to reach pre-pandemic levels in 2025, while domestic travel will fully recover in 2024.

Close to one in two reporting European destinations have recovered more than 80% of their pre-pandemic foreign arrivals. Overall, southern Med destinations posted the fastest recovery as the year ended. Favourable exchange rates gave Türkiye a boost (-2%). Luxembourg (-4%), Serbia (-6%), Greece (-6%), and Portugal (-7%) are also approaching 2019 levels.

The full European Tourism – Trends and Prospects report can be downloaded from ETC’s website here:

The full Long-Haul Travel Barometer can be downloaded from ETC’s corporate website here:

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