Toronto's Pearson Airport adopts new landing procedures to lower noise, emissions

Toronto Pearson won’t sort arriving passengers based on vaccination status

TORONTO — Canada’s largest airport is no longer splitting arriving international passengers into different customs lines based on their vaccination status.

Toronto’s Pearson International Airport announced last week it may be sorting travellers arriving from the U.S. or other international locations into vaccinated and partially or non-vaccinated queues.

But a spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority says the practice has been discontinued as of Monday.

Beverly MacDonald says in a statement that the airport has determined separating vaccinated and partially or non-vaccinated travellers into different customs lines “results in minimal operational efficiencies.”

She says entry requirements related to vaccination status will now be enforced once a passenger reaches a customs officer.

Fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents are now able to forgo a 14-day quarantine when arriving in Canada from abroad. Starting Sept. 7, fully vaccinated travellers from any country will be allowed into Canada for discretionary travel, with fully vaccinated Americans being granted entry several weeks earlier, on Aug. 9.

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