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TICO’s closure advisory for Crystal Cruises includes info for Comp Fund claims, and recovering commissions

TORONTO — Visitors to Crystal Cruises’ website will now find themselves redirected to a claims site.

The site has been set up by Florida-based Michael Moecker & Associates, the insolvency assignee. The URL is crystalcruiseclaims.com.

Out-of-pocket passengers can download a Consumer Claim Form from the site. There’s also a General / Vendor Claim Form. In both instances, “to receive any dividend in these proceedings, a Proof of Claim form must be completed and delivered to the Assignee with supporting documentation by June 11, 2022,” according to the site.

There’s also an FAQ section, including an email address for Michael Moecker & Associates.

Crystal Cruises announced in January 2022 that it was suspending operations. That announcement followed parent company Genting Hong Kong’s bankruptcy protection filings, after months of rumours for the troubled company.

After dramatic diversions to The Bahamas, both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity were seized, as was expedition ship Crystal Endeavor.

Long one of the industry’s most respected and well-loved luxury cruises lines, Crystal’s demise was confirmed in February 2022 by interim president Jack Anderson.


Meanwhile TICO has issued a closure advisory for Crystal Cruises.

TICO says that because no one knows how long the consumer claims process will take, or what the level of reimbursement might be, “we advise consumers to file a claim with the Ontario Travel Compensation Fund at the same time to avoid missing the claim filing date (August 12, 2022).”

TICO also notes that travel agents may also be eligible to recover commission payments from Crystal Cruises through the claims process.

Currently TICO is directing travel agents who are owed commission to the General / Vendor Claim Form at crystalcruiseclaims.com. TICO tells agents: “The claim would be under the General/Vendor Claim Form option. If necessary, please download the claim form and submit the supporting documentation to the address listed on the form by no later than June 11, 2022.”

More information from TICO and its Crystal Cruises closure advisory can be found here.

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