Wednesday December 11, 2019
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All posts by Kathryn Folliott

Kathryn is Editor at Travelweek and has worked for the company since 1995. She has travelled to more than 50 countries and counts Hong Kong, Jerusalem, the Swiss Alps and the Galapagos Islands among her favourite destinations.

Ever-practical agents ask how NDC will impact booking process & pricing

Who would have thought that a complex and at times controversial topic like NDC could be linked to pizza.
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Destination weddings: Always in style, and one of travel’s most lucrative markets

Staying on top of wedding trends has become almost as big of an industry as weddings themselves.
Read more’s founder says he wants to put the power of OTAs in the hands of agents founder Jochem Wijnands says he has come full circle, completely overhauling his at-times controversial B2C travel booking site into a B2B platform that’s strictly for travel agents only, and free to join.
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With positive growth year-to-date Jamaica’s ready for winter 2019-2020

Growth from the Canadian market to that long-time favourite Caribbean destination, Jamaica, is on the plus side year-to-date and that has the Jamaica Tourist Board feeling buoyant as the calendar turns to winter 2019/20.
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5Continents billed as “the link between the travel trade and the world’s best inbounds”

If the name David Boigné rings a bell, it’s because he’s worked with some of the biggest brands in the travel industry, including Jonview Canada, Exotik and Boomerang Tours, Intair and TravelBrands.
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“They need to go where the bucks are”: Agents on ACTA partnership

The original announcement about ACTA’s new Consortium Partnership with Virtuoso was a complete bungle, and a misunderstanding that the deal was ‘exclusive’ (it wasn’t) initially drew howls of outrage.
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As the cost of doing business climbs, host agencies, retail groups say they have options

It’s one thing to know that owning and operating a travel agency comes with significant financial responsibilities. It’s another to see many of those costs itemized in black and white.
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As of 2021 Europe-bound clients will need to apply online for a visa waiver and pay a fee

Any time a country or region imposes any sort of visa stipulation - even if it’s a waiver - the travel industry sighs a collective groan, knowing the obstacles and headaches to come.
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No lack of options for owners looking to sell or ease burdens with a new business model

For agency owners weighing their options for the future, the decision to sell or not to sell is not only a financial one, but an intensely emotional one as well, and a decision that impacts not just their own future but also the future of their employees.
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“A moving and very powerful experience”: Volunteering hits home for the travel industry

Not only are the benefits of volunteering and giving back tangible at a corporate level, they have positive impact on the front line too.
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