This hotel has a vending machine stocked with French champagne

MIAMI — Remember that vending machine in London’s Bankside hotel that spat out engagement rings? Imagine how much more effective it would’ve been standing next to Miami’s first champagne vending machine.


Located at Lennox Miami Beach, the gold-rimmed appliance is stocked with 200ml bottles of French champagne, including Brut Imperial, Rose imperial and Nectar Imperial, giving guests an easy way to celebrate at any time of day.


To use the machine, guests simply need to purchase a US$30 token in the hotel lobby and borrow champagne flutes. They then make their selection at the vending machine, which is located in the hotel’s courtyard.

Once the machine carefully lowers their bottle of choice, guests can either celebrate privately in the comfort of their own rooms, or poolside next to Lennox’s insta-worthy swimming pool.

So, let’s make a toast – here’s to 2020, which is already off to a bubbly start!

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