Nexion Canada offers agents 20+ hours/month of interactive training

Nexion Canada offers agents 20+ hours/month of interactive training

LONDON, ON — Nexion Canada has further enhanced its education and training for new and existing agents.

Made up of two 30-day modules, Nexion Canada’s ‘step-by-step welcome guide’ is full of tools and resources to ensure the success of its agents.

The newly introduced education and training guide is in addition to the extensive list of offerings Nexion Canada currently provides its agents and is available at no charge.

“It is important for us to provide our agents with an individual level of education and training that surpasses what the rest of the industry is currently offering to both new and seasoned agents,” said Nexion Canada President Mike Foster. “Our new step-by-step welcome guide is full of tips and tricks that provide all of our agents, regardless of their industry experience, with a roadmap for success.”

Nexion Canada’s step-by-step welcome guide provides an interactive approach to engage each member. In addition, agents can participate in live or pre-recorded training webinars featuring a wide array of travel industry expert guest speakers. There will also be a variety of concentrated topics each month including air, cruise, marketing, group sales and technology.

“This training allows our agents to network with colleagues and peers throughout Canada and utilize our various training curriculum at a time that is most convenient for them. For those who are considering a second career in travel, our program has the flexibility for participants to be as engaged as they would like to be. There are many ways agents can learn how to build a business, and we’ve found a way to capture the best components to make it as efficient and concise as possible.”

Topics included in the 20+ hours of monthly, live, core training are:

  • Introduction to Nexion Canada
  • Selling Skills
  • Introduction to all booking tools
  • Marketing
  • Invoicing
  • Business planning

Nexion Canada can be reached at 1-866-399-9989 or

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