More tears to be shed with WestJet’s new kindness video

CALGARY — WestJet has done it again – it’s turned us all into a sobbing mess over its latest heartwarming video.

In celebration of World Kindness Day on Nov. 13, the airline has released a new video titled ‘WestJet Connections: Share kindness’, which highlights its longstanding partnership with Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

WestJet and WestJet Cares for Kids have been partnering with the organization since 2007 to transform the experiences of youth across Canada. For the last seven years, WestJetter volunteers have organized annual holiday events and initiatives at Canadian Clubs from coast to coast as well as provided youth the gift of flight throughout the year so that they can access leadership opportunities.

In the video, the volunteer team (Wendy, Robin, Sabina, Layne, Josie and Allison) is seen brainstorming on ideas for the holiday party for Gilbert Park’s Boys and Girls Club in Winnipeg. They are interrupted by Emmanuel, a Boys & Girls Club member, who tells them to follow him to another room where a group of Club families await to surprise them.

“Together your kindness has brought so much joy to the families of Gilbert Park Boys & Girls Club for so many years,” says Emmanuel in his big speech. “Now it’s our time to return that kindness. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and our club.”

Cue the tears!

According to Emmanuel, the group wanted to thank the volunteers for their kindness in the form of a meal.


“As we sit together sharing our hopes and our dreams, we’re building the foundation for a better future,” he says. “One where a meal becomes a feast, strangers become friends, friends become family. A future built on kindness that helps our community thrive.”

Owen Charters, President & CEO of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, praised WestJet for being an “incredibly caring and kind partner” and for dedicating their time and energy to meet the needs of its Clubs.

“The Gilbert Park Club is in a neighbourhood in Winnipeg where life can be a bit more difficult, especially during this time of the year,” he said. “WestJetters have put kindness first, ensuring that the children and families in Gilbert Park, and in similar communities across Canada, can experience the magic and wonder of the holiday season, as every family should. Thank you, WestJet.”

Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President Marketing Communications, also had high praise for WestJetters: “Caring WestJetters continue to go above and beyond to create magical and meaningful experiences for Boys and Girls Clubs across the country. Through their kindness came inspiration from the Gilbert Park Club members to celebrate the joy and positive impact that even the smallest act can bring to a community. We hope that this video inspires Canadians to share a little extra kindness with each other today and every day.”

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