Prague international airport plans $2.4 billion expansion

PRAGUE — The Czech prime minister says the state-run Prague international airport is set to expand to meet growing demand.

Andrej Babis said Wednesday the Vaclav Havel Airport is planning to expand its Terminal 2, which currently serves flights to the visa-free Schengen zone countries, and will build a new runway by 2028, among other things.

The cost is expected to be up to 55 billion Czech crowns ($2.4 billion) and the number of passengers using the airport could jump to 30 million a year.

The airport has reached capacity, with 16.8 million passengers using it last year and 17.7 million expected this year.

As part of the expansion, a train connection between Prague and the airport should be completed in 2028 for an extra 44 billion crowns.

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