Marriott International CEO shares his thoughts on vaccination passports

Marriott International CEO shares his thoughts on vaccination passports

BETHESDA, MD — The head executive of the largest hotel company in the world says a standardized and efficient health credential system needs to be put in place as the world fully reopens to travel post-pandemic.

Interviewed on CBS news program Face the Nation, as reported by Global, the CEO of Marriott International, Anthony Capuano said the number of people travelling is already ramping up.

“We are seeing pretty significant acceleration of demand,” said Capuano. “The reality is people are already travelling, which is why we can’t let our guard down. We’ve got to continue to adhere to the CDC protocols and keep our cleaning and operating protocols in place.”

To incentivize its employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine, Marriott announced earlier this month that it would pay its workers the equivalent of four hours of pay if they got the shots. The Vaccination Care Program applies to U.S. and Canadian associates at its managed properties.



“We didn’t need to, we chose to,” said Capuano when asked about the incentive.

Meanwhile the hotel company’s Marriott Global Cleanliness Council has been in place since April 2020.

Capuano was also asked about his thoughts on vaccination passports. “Time will tell what the right platform is,” he said. “What we know with certainty however is that a global, coordinated and reliable heath credential system will be key to giving folks confidence about travel, and giving jurisdictions confidence in opening their borders.”

Asked about the logistics of putting such a program in place, Capuano said: “It’s the right question to ask. I worry a bit that to date the approach has been a bit fragmented. We need a comprehensive and global solution for it to be effective.”

Capuano said vaccination passports, i.e. a standardized system of health credentials, has been a topic discussion with the White House. “We’re in active discussions with the administration, with our industry colleagues, to try and identify opportunities to inform borders as they consider opening.”

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