Man loses wedding ring on mountaintop, hikers come to the rescue

MANCHESTER, NH — This is a story about the kindness of strangers and one lost wedding ring.

As reported by WMUR-TV, Bill Giguere of Massachusetts was heartbroken after losing his gold wedding band while hiking on the 4,000-foot, snow-covered Mount Hancock in New Hampshire.

Since the piece of jewelry, which he devotedly wore for three years, was near and dear to his heart, Giguere put out a call for help to a Facebook hiking group. He provided only one clue as to its possible whereabouts: he thought maybe he had dropped the ring near the North peak while taking off his gloves.

Tom Gately saw the post and instantly thought, “There’s no way, it’s a 10-mile loop trail,” he told WMUR-TV.

But that didn’t stop Gately from attempting to find this needle in a haystack. So along with fellow hiker Brendan Cheever, he set out on the trail with a metal detector in hand.

And then, against all odds, it went off.

“It beeped and he’s, like, ‘I think I found it,’ and everybody’s, like, ‘What?’ and he just started scratching in the snow. There it was!” said Cheever.

The hikers met up with Giguere this past Tuesday in Massachusetts to return his long-lost ring. Needless to say, he was blown away by how far strangers would go to help.

Kindness for the win!

With file from The Associated Press

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