Family summer vacation: explore your own backyard!

Choosing VIA Rail this summer will give a well-deserved rest to the dreaded ‘’Are we there yet?’’… and to passengers’ wallets. It’s a well-known fact that kids of all ages are fascinated by trains. Imagine the thrill of traveling on one! VIA’s youngest passengers will appreciate the space, comfort and flexibility of movement on board. Looking for even more space? Maybe there’s a 4-seater available.



Fun for all!

There is no shortage of fun stuff to do on the train. Children will love the CHOO CHOO CLUB activity bag, which contains a fun activity book with games for all and many other surprises! It’s guaranteed to set their imagination free…while allowing everyone a little bit of ‘’me time’’. The complimentary onboard entertainment system allows passengers to catch up on their favorite shows. They can enjoy beautiful landscapes, a bite to eat, a little nap, and leave the driving to the locomotive engineers!



Summer promotion!

Whether your clients are planning a weekend in the Thousand Islands, a getaway in one of our bustling city-centers or a vacation touring the East Coast, VIA can take them there and will make the journey part of their experience. Parents will be grateful for the ‘’Kids travel for $15’’ promotion VIA has launched for the summer and will be impressed with the various intermodal partnerships available for greater flexibility at their destination! All aboard!

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