Business Class for leisure travel? Why not!

With what the future holds for passenger train travel in Canada, savvy travelers will want to be front line and center. Starting in 2022, VIA Rail will start rolling out its brand new fleet all across the Québec City – Windsor Corridor. With a scheduled completion of 2024, VIA is on its way to leading Canadians toward a future that is greener, more accessible, and more efficient.


Traveling in style 

Think Business Class is only for those work-related trips? Think again! With VIA Rail’s business class often available at a lower price point than economy class on a plane, weekend getaways just got that much more interesting. This is ‘’me time’’ at it’s best.

No need to feel guilty while sipping a glass of wine and simply gazing out the window. Wait! Was that deer? VIA’s Business class has it all: access to lounges, wide and comfortable seats, exemplary costumer service, 3 course meal service with all the fixings…and yes, beautiful landscapes with the occasional wildlife.


VIA Preference

Travelers also have access to one of the most generous rewards programs in the country, VIA Preference. Every dollar spent with VIA rewards the traveler with one point (at the minimum) and offers various advantages depending on the status of the member.

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