A Cruise on Rails – The Canadian

A Cruise on Rails

Traveling aboard VIA Rail’s iconic train the Canadian has long been a bucket list item for many Canadians. It welcomes thousands of visitors every year from around the world, eager to discover Canada’s unique landscapes. This is more than train ride, it’s a journey.

VIA Rail Spotlight 2019 the Canadian

The Itinerary

Taking travelers from downtown Toronto all the way to Vancouver, the Canadian gently rolls along Ontario’s dense forests (keep an eye out for wildlife!) before making its way through the beautiful prairies, where every season is unique. Short stops along the way allow passengers to hop off and take it all in. Travelers can explore The Forks in Winnipeg, go for a nice stroll in Jasper to enjoy the mountain views, and then slowly make their way into Vancouver.


Life on board

The 4 night-4 day adventure can be customized to clients’ needs and budgets. From Prestige Class with butler service, to private rooms for up to 4, to berths (all in VIA Rail’s Sleeper Class) to economy class, there is a perfect fit for everyone. In Prestige and Sleeper Class, meals are included. Travelers will dine à la carte and discover the finest wines Canada has to offer. In between meals passengers are welcome to relax in the dome car, the lounge or the panorama car, all while being entertained by musicians, a history lesson or a beer tasting. There is never a dull moment! This is a true Canadian experience.

For more information, visit: www.viarail.ca/en/explore-our-destinations/trains/rockies-and-pacific