Off the beaten path – discovering VIA Rail Canada’s adventure routes

Canada has so much to offer when it comes to experiencing nature and VIA Rail’s impressive network is here to help travelers do just that. Stretching from one ocean to the other, expanding north in Quebec’s country side and Manitoba’s wilderness, there is no shortage of breathtaking views and exciting activities.


Montreal-Senneterre & Montreal Jonquiere

The Montreal-Senneterre & Montreal-Jonquiere routes are sure to please the true nature enthusiasts. Relaxing in the comfort of VIA’s economy class, passengers will enjoy views of sparkling lakes and rivers along the way. The Free Checked Bike Promotion takes this adventure to a whole new level with passengers being able to venture off on their own once at destination.



Known as the polar bear and beluga whale paradise, Churchill is sure to give an unforgettable experience amidst the spectacular northern lights. Leaving from Winnipeg, this adventure route is a once in a lifetime experience that can’t be missed. Travelers can choose between economy and sleeper class for this 2 day-2night journey.


Jasper-Prince Rupert

In Western Canada, the Jasper-Prince Rupert route (with an overnight stop in Prince George) takes passengers from the majestic Rockies all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Observing some of Canada’s most iconic wildlife in action, whale watching at destination and visiting a National Historic Site are just some of the memorable experiences available to travelers.

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