Drunk passenger, Taser takedowns and Richard Marx: what a week for this airline

Drunk passenger, Taser takedowns and Richard Marx: what a week for this airline

LOS ANGELES — Richard Marx says he wasn’t a hero for apparently intervening after an unruly passenger disrupted a Korean Air flight and had to be restrained.

The ‘Right Here Waiting’ singer and his wife, former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes, documented the incident on Facebook and Instagram earlier this week. Fuentes wrote that her husband was the first to help subdue the man, and Marx criticized the flight crew for failing to properly restrain the man.

Citing Incheon police, the Yonhap News Agency reported that the passenger was a 34-year-old South Korean man who became drunk after having two and a half glasses of hard liquor on the flight.
A Korean Air spokesman confirmed the incident aboard the flight from Hanoi to Seoul and that photos on Marx’s Facebook page were shot during the flight. Cho Hyun Mook said the matter was under investigation and that it appears that crew members responded in accordance with airline policies.

Marx posted a later update saying he and Fuentes were home safe and saying he wasn’t a “big ‘hero’” but “just did what I would hope anyone would do in the same situation.”
Korean Air is reportedly stepping up its security measures as a result of the incident, including more training for staff and authorizing broader guidelines for onboard Taser gun use. Previously the Taser guns were only authorized for “grave” situations involving passengers and/or staff. “We have decided to improve our conditions and procedure on using Taser guns to cope with violent acts and disturbances on board in a fast and efficient manner,” said a statement from the airline.

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