Caught on video: Drunk passenger throwing it down on airport tarmac

Caught on video: Drunk passenger throwing it down on airport tarmac

CHARLOTTE, NC — Yesterday we told you about a male passenger who jumped ship from a United Airlines flight after mistakenly thinking he was on the wrong plane. Today, the antics of ‘Stupid people doing stupid things’ continue with yet another male passenger who caused quite a stir on the tarmac of Charlotte Douglass Airport.

The unidentified passenger onboard American Airlines flight 5466 from Charlotte to Cincinnati was allegedly intoxicated and thrown off the plane prior to departure, reports Inc. But the man in question wasn’t going down without a fight – he is seen confronting airport authorities and grounds crew on the tarmac, proceeds to rip off his shirt, and appears to challenge anyone and everyone to a good ol’ fashioned fist fight. You can view video of the bizarre exchange here:

In the video, you can clearly hear amused passengers laughing and expressing shock while still onboard the plane. Twitter user @therealMarck was able to film the belligerent man grab a traffic baton from a grounds crew member and swing it wildly in the air. He then proceeds to charge another employee before storming off into oblivion.

No word as to whether the man was eventually arrested, or if he ended up catching the bus to Cincinnati.

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