Carnival adds Toronto date for WUATA party, WUATA t-shirts now on sale

Carnival adds Toronto date for WUATA party, WUATA t-shirts now on sale

MIAMI — Carnival has added a Toronto date to its list of WUATA parties – and now agents can order a WUATA t-shirt too.

A component of Carnival’s year-long ‘Why Use A Travel Advisor’ (WUATA) program, with sales supporting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the new WUATA T-shirts go on sale today, May 8.

The Carnival-branded shirts have the WUATA logo on the front, while the back showcases WUATA Word, the online word cloud created by travel advisors and their clients from one-word descriptions extolling why travel agents rock.

WUATA t-shirts will be sold at all four WUATA Party events and online. The $25 shirts are available in three colors and a variety of sizes and can be purchased by any North American travel advisor, including Canada and Puerto Rico.

Carnival launched WUATA in March 2019. “The response to WUATA Word has been overwhelming, with thousands of submissions already, and we thought it would be fun for agents to show off some of those key words that illustrate their value while also supporting St. Jude,” said Adolfo Perez, senior vice president of sales and trade marketing for Carnival. “What better way to spread the message of Why Use a Travel Advisor than by wearing a WUATA T-shirt in our local communities.”

Aimed at helping travel professionals attract new clients and deepen the loyalty of existing clients, WUATA is a year-long multifaceted program with special events that bring clients and industry experts together to promote the travel agent community.

Carnival’s Why Use A Travel Advisor program features a WUATA Party (a wordplay on ‘What-A Party’) in four cities, social media promotions, contests, exclusive merchandise, giveaways, text alerts and WUATA Word, the crowdsourced word cloud that grows as the movement expands.

Carnival is hosting WUATA Parties in Orlando, May 8; Toronto, July 24; New York, Sept. 18; and Los Angeles, Oct. 29. The WUATA Parties will be hosted by Perez along with Carnival sales executives and business development managers.

Agents can sign up to receive WUATA Updates by texting ‘WUATA’ to 1-866-Go-WUATA (469-8282), submit an entry to WUATA Word at or buy a WUATA T-shirt at