Canadian visits to U.S. drop in March, overseas travel stable

OTTAWA — Travel to and from Canada declined in March led by decreases in the number of U.S. residents visiting Canada and in the number of Canadians travelling to the United States.

Travel from Canada to the United States fell 0.9% in the month to 4.4 million trips. Trips decreased for same-day car visitors (-1.0%), overnight car visitors (-0.8%) and overnight plane visitors (-0.8%). This was the fourth consecutive monthly decline in Canadian visitors to the United States.

United States travel to Canada fell 0.7% in March to 1.6 million trips, the second lowest monthly level since October 2009. This was due to a 1.6% decline in same-day car trips, as well as a small decrease (-0.4%) in overnight trips to 967,000.

Travel from Canada to all other countries and travel to Canada from overseas were both largely stable.

Of the top 12 overseas markets, seven recorded decreases in travel to Canada in March. Chinese residents made 6.6% fewer visits to Canada in the month, while the number of trips made by Australian residents declined 3.8%. This was offset by a 7.4% increase in trips to Canada by United Kingdom residents, as well as a 5.4% increase in visits from France.