Burnt bagel causes mass evacuation at airport

Burnt bagel causes mass evacuation at airport

ST. LOUIS — That must’ve been one heck of a bagel.

Everyone’s favourite breakfast item has been blamed for an evacuation at St. Louis International Lambert Airport earlier this week after it became overly toasted and set off a fire alarm.

Airport officials say a bagel burned in a restaurant in Terminal 2 around 6 p.m. Tuesday, setting off smoke detectors and prompting a full evacuation. An estimated 300 to 400 people were required to go outside, where the temperature was 11 degrees.

The airport says the evacuation lasted only about five minutes, but passengers had to go back through security checks once they re-entered the building. No flight delays were reported.

No word as to whether the bagel in question was plain or seasoned. But judging by the level of disturbance it caused, we’re thinking it was of the Everything variety.


With file from the Associated Press

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