Britain’s smallest pub hands out free drinks on one condition: no phones

Britain’s smallest pub hands out free drinks on one condition: no phones

LONDON, UK — Having a pint and sharing a laugh just isn’t the same anymore, now that everyone’s more interested in taking selfies and texting over the table. But Britain’s smallest pub is hoping to encourage guests to put away their mobile devices in exchange for a free drink.

The tiny craft beer bar in Greenwich, London measures just six feet by eight feet, big enough to fit only two patrons. According to Lonely Planet, it’s the mastermind of London craft brewer Meantime as part of its Make Time For It campaign, which is celebrating six craftspeople from around the UK whose work has been used to decorate the pub.

Inside, you’ll see bespoke wallpaper and hand blown pint glasses, and a design scheme that promotes the importance of time. A recent Ofcom survey found that people spend 24 hours a week online on their smartphones, while the Office for National Statistics add that 262 million texts are sent each day in the UK.

It’s because of this that the resident barman will ask for smartphones to be handed over for the duration of a guest’s stay. It’s a novel idea, one that can very well strike fear in the hearts of people. Go without a phone for more than 10 minutes? Impossible! But handing over their phones will earn patrons a free drink and, hopefully, a more enriching experience. Meantime says that without the distraction of smartphones, visitors can enjoy the perfect drinking environment and “catch up with a mate over a beer.”

The bar can be booked out any time between midday and 9 pm over the course of a week. It is located in Peninsula Square next to North Greenwich Underground Station.

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