Barbados updates policy to grant quarantine-free entry to fully vaccinated mixed-dose travellers

Barbados updates policy to grant quarantine-free entry to fully vaccinated mixed-dose travellers

TORONTO — Let’s hope there’s more quick action like this where travel destinations and questions about mixed vaccines are concerned.

The Barbados government has reversed its stance on mixed vaccines, in the wake of trade and consumer media reports highlighting the island’s policies.

In a new statement to its travel industry partners, Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) said Barbados has updated its travel protocols and will now accept mixed vaccines.

“The Government of Barbados continues to review and update its travel protocols for entry into the country. The latest update, effective July 15, 2021, will allow for travellers with mixed vaccines to be categorized as Fully Vaccinated,” says BTMI.

“Travellers who have mixed vaccine regimens of Ministry of Health and Wellness approved vaccines will be considered Fully Vaccinated, for example, first dose of one brand followed by second dose of another which is not a one-dose regimen.”

As reported yesterday in Travelweek, Barbados was categorizing travellers with mixed vaccine brands as unvaccinated. That meant that any travellers to Barbados who are fully vaccinated, but with more than one brand, would need to follow the protocols for unvaccinated travellers. That included a five-day quarantine upon arrival.

And consumer media outlets including the CBC had reported on a London, ON traveller facing the five-day quarantine in Barbados because he had mixed-dose vaccinations.

Many Canadians who got first doses of AstraZeneca and second doses of Pfizer or Moderna – following recommendations from the federal government – have been wondering if the mixed dose regime will impact their travel plans. Other Canadians received mixed doses of Pfizer and Moderna.

BTMI’s statement about the updated policy allowing mixed vaccine doses includes a link for more information on Barbados’ travel protocols, including the list of accepted vaccines:

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