A message from Travelweek's Publisher

A message from Travelweek’s Publisher

Dear Valued Travel Partners,

These are unprecedented times for our beloved travel industry. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted every facet of the industry, from suppliers to retail partners, and travel agents are showing the world the true value of their services and expertise as they advocate for their clients in these incredibly challenging times.

We want you to know we are with you every step of the way.

Our editorial and production teams are working around the clock to keep the industry on top of all the latest updates.

As the coronavirus crisis quickly ramped up, we immediately broadened our coverage of breaking news to include ‘Special Bulletin’ e-blasts. These up-to-the-minute Special Bulletins are e-mailed out on an as-it-happens basis, morning or night, to deliver the most timely and relevant updates possible from airlines, cruise lines, resorts and tour operators.

We’re staying on top of every rebooking and cancellation policy change from a wide range of suppliers, because we know clients are asking their agents for precisely this kind of information. We’re condensing these policy change updates, as well as details about temporary operations suspensions, into an easy-to-use ‘Supplier Update’ roundup with a permanent spot in Travelweek Daily and on travelweek.ca.

We’re also working closely with our sister publication, ProfessionVoyages.com, as it scales up its already in-depth coverage for French-speaking agents and suppliers in Quebec and across Canada.

And through it all we continue to reach out to you, the travel industry leaders, and the front-line heroes, to hear your thoughts as the industry navigates these uncharted waters. Your feedback is the backbone of our industry news reporting and we value every insight from our readers.

In the meantime we are making some temporary changes to maximize the effectiveness and timeliness of our news coverage as the industry faces never-before-seen challenges.

We are going digital with Travelweek magazine for the remainder of March and through April and May. We’re doing this to keep our delivery drivers safe, provide more up-to-date news and manage costs.

We encourage you to subscribe at travelweek.ca/subscriptions/subscribe. Our digital-only format is already well-known to our readers and is delivered in email inboxes every Thursday, just like the print issue.

Travelweek continues to be the Canadian travel trade’s #1 industry news source, both in print and digital. Especially in these difficult times we are committed to providing quality news and editorial coverage, the kind of relevant coverage that we’re known for and that we’ve built our reputation on.

Travelweek is confident our industry will come back from this crisis stronger than ever. For suppliers looking to deliver the right message at the right time to retailers, our options include webinars, e-learning, and Travelweek Daily.

Stay strong and let us know if there is any way we can help. You can reach us directly at editorial@travelweek.ca.

Warm Regards,

Devin Kinasz

Publisher, Travelweek