A true web-based back-office system for agencies: PC Voyages / TravelWorks

JeanTravelWorks (also known as PC Voyages in the French-language market) is all about tech solutions, but customer service is a priority too. That’s especially the case for ex-Global Matrix customers looking to make the switch to TravelWorks’ web-based back-office system, says Jean Corneau, Vice-President, Technology.

PC Voyages offers back-office travel solutions for travel agencies. What does PC Voyages offer in terms of product and service that sets the company apart in a competitive field?

“TravelWorks is a division of PC Voyages. We use the PC Voyages brand in French-speaking markets and the TravelWorks brand in English-speaking markets.

“We are one of the few suppliers that offer a real web-based back-office system for travel agencies.  Some of our competitors suggest they do the same, but what they offer is just a Windows solution hosted in the cloud.

“All the screens in TravelWorks have been exclusively designed for the web, creating a user-friendly work environment with no data access delays.

“Our cloud solution allows another level flexibility, integration with other systems and technologies through XML file exchange.

“One of our main goals is to reduce administrative tasks and operational costs through processes automation and offer the best solution in the fast changing travel industry. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D every year to ensure our system continues to be an industry leader and uses the most advanced, dependable technologies.

“To give you an example, we will launch a tablet version (iOS/Android) of our system by the end of the year. Modern technology allows us to be very flexible in terms of customization requests from our customers. We can develop plug-ins for customers and integrate with new GDS systems, booking engines, insurance companies, mobile app suppliers, banks etc.

“Customer service is a major priority to us and we constantly monitor our customer support performance. Our response time through our online customer service portal is quite good. We commit to answer within two hours but we consistently over-achieve performance when receiving support tickets.”

By year-end Global Matrix customers will need to find a new back-office solution. Can PC Voyages offer a relatively smooth transition solution to its system?

“Yes, big news in the industry! We intend to offer a smooth transition for all Global Matrix customers switching to TravelWorks. We have been in communications with Global Matrix over the last several months, collaborating on the data transfer procedure for agencies switching to TravelWorks.

“It is our clear intention to support and guide all ex-Global Matrix customers to a new user-friendly solution right away. When it comes to implementing Travelworks, we can deal with any unforeseen obstacles; we will adapt to each situation and find a resolution for them using the best practices.”

PC Voyages has been around since 1988. The back-office industry has undergone a sea change in that time. What PC Voyages innovations are you most proud of in that time span of almost 30 years?

“The travel industry has seen its share of changes over the last 10 years, with a reduction of agency commissions and lower profit margins. To keep customers, travel agencies have to improve customer service and reduce operational costs by increasing productivity while they generate additional revenues to increase profitability.

“We are very proud to be one of the first companies offering a cloud based back office accounting solution. Our cloud solution was launched five years ago and is constantly evolving, thanks to our many customers’ input. We overcame many difficulties to bring the market a robust, user-friendly, complete solution for travel agencies we were proud of.

“We now can offer an ideal real time solution, one developed specifically for today’s travel industry. Owners and managers can monitor and regulate the agencies activity while absent, employees and outside reps can work anytime from anywhere. Bookkeepers and accountants have to access reports and data whenever they are needed, thus reducing wasted time and expenses.”

What would you like agents to know about PC Voyages, that they might not realize?

“Travel agents should know PCVoyages is a proud Canadian company in business for over 30 years. We have a wide variety of domestic and international customers ranging from small single owner operator offices, to multinational multi-branch call centers with 100s of sales reps. Whether you need a single branch single user package, or many branches with unlimited users, let us find the right automation solution for you.”

PC Voyages has some major retail chains as clients. Does the company offer back-office solutions for small to midsize agencies as well?

“Yes it is true we have some very large, well-known clients who have been using our TravelWorks cloud solution for years.

“Our prices are based on the number of simultaneous users, allowing smaller organizations to benefit from a high end system at a very reasonable cost.

“TravelWorks is a perfect fit for smaller, medium and larger agencies alike, since they do not need to manage servers, administer software installations, schedule maintenance or backups. We deliver a turnkey solution with a complete service that can be tailored to any travel agency of any size.

“All agencies appreciate our recommendations related to best practices. Our support team is composed of travel specialists who worked in travel industry for years. Talking to people who understand their business is an asset for everyone!”

For more information, go to  travelworks.ca.

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