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WestJet Vacations handed out gifts all through the year, from the price-drop guarantee to the Agent Resource site to new destinations including Loreto, Mexico. For this edition of Friday 5, the tour operator talks about the many ways it shows its appreciation to travel agents, and why the 2015 Christmas video has to stay strictly ‘under wraps’.

1. What reaction are you seeing from consumers to WestJet Vacations’ price drop guarantee?

WestJet Vacations: There have been a number of great incentives introduced by WestJet Vacations in 2014 designed to provide value and a great guest experience, most notably the WestJet Vacations price-drop guarantee.

WestJet Vacations is an industry leader in structuring fair and transparent vacation package pricing. That is why travel agents will not find any surcharges and fees in the base price for a WestJet Vacation, resulting in a better commission from a higher base price.

Guests have voted with their feet and many have taken advantage of the popular offer.

2. What are some new sun destinations for WestJet Vacations winter getaways?

WestJet Vacations: We are very excited about weekly nonstop service between Calgary and Loreto, Mexico, launching Feb. 14, 2015. We also have weekly flights between Winnipeg and Fort Lauderdale that began Nov. 1, 2014.

WestJet Vacations offers a number of vacation packages in Loreto, Mexico, including the Hotel Santa Fe by Villa Group, Villa del Palmar Loreto, Hotel La Mision Loreto and the Loreto Bay Golf Resort & Spa.

Loreto, Mexico. Photo courtesy of visitmexico.com.

Loreto, Mexico. Photo courtesy of visitmexico.com.

3. How is WestJet Vacations’ showing its appreciation for travel agents?

WestJet Vacations: This year, WestJet and WestJet Vacations have focused on finding ways to demonstrate their commitment to the travel agents and to thank them for their support.

Contests, travel partner awards, a new travel agent resource site and WestJet dollar commissionable bookings are a few examples of the initiatives developed with WestJet’s valued partners foremost in mind.

Visit westjet.com/agentresource for more information on how WestJet and WestJet Vacations are working with travel agents.

4. Can agents look forward to any new updates / tweaks to the Agent Resource site in the new year?

WestJet Vacations: The agent resource site is in constant development. It is designed with agents in mind, so it will constantly shift to meet the needs identified by our travel agent partners. The more feedback we get, the more we can improve, and we are looking forward to seeing where we can take the concept.

5. Your Christmas videos are legendary. Are you already planning the 2015 edition?

WestJet Vacations: This answer drives everyone crazy, but folks just have to wait and see. For us, it is more about creating content that matters, content that reflects the values WestJetters see as important. Of course, we also like to have a bit of fun, so stay tuned.

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