Sphere’s Host Agency Series, Part 2: Fees & Renewal Processes

How much is too much? Sphere’s Host Agency Series, Part 2: Fees & Renewals

Sphere’s Host Agency Series, Part 2: Fees & Renewal Processes

It’s not all about the money. No one gets into the travel industry with dollar signs in their eyes. Most retail travel agents are inspired by a love of travel, and helping their clients. But money is certainly a factor, and when you’re a home-based agent, every dollar counts.

That’s why host agency fees are such a hot-button issue. Fees charged by host agencies can vary widely. NACTA  President Ann van Leeuwen says it’s not much use if a host agency charges a low fee “but doesn’t deliver marketing support, expertise, automation, quality control, clout, operational support and other services”.

On the other hand, “paying a lot more for what you get doesn’t make much sense either”, she adds.

NACTA (The National Association of Career Travel Agents) represents independent travel agents through North America and has a number of host agencies as members.

This month Sphere’s Host Agency Series looks at host agency fees, from start-up costs to maintenance costs. We also include a look at renewal processes. Click here for Part 2: Fees & Renewal Processes.

If you missed it last month, click here for Part 1: Commissions, Contracts & Consortium Affiliations.

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