Esther Lin – General Manager, Super Value Tours

Esther-Lin,-General-Manager,-Super-Value-Tours-at-JAL-loungeSuper Value Tours is best known for its Taiwan and Japan product, but don’t forget, the company offers China, Tibet, Silk Road and Mongolia, Indochina and even Russia, Croatia and Slovenia too. General Manager Esther Lin tells Friday 5 why Taiwan especially is a hidden gem.

1. Super Value Tours is a Taiwan and Japan specialist. Why did you choose to focus on those destinations?

Lin: Super Value Tours is a Taiwanese-owned company; therefore, no doubt, we know Taiwan far better than some others. As to Japan tours, the family-owned company in Taiwan has been operating Japan tours for the past 40 years. Super Value Tours is established to extend the service to North American travellers who are looking for deluxe travel products.

Because we have very strong ties with Taiwan and Japan, we chose to start our English-language tours in these two countries first. We have also built Super Value Tours teams locally to ensure our VIP guests receive the best service.

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi, Taiwan

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi, Taiwan.

2. What other destinations do you offer?

Lin: We also offer tours in Tibet, Silk Road and Mongolia, China, Indochina, Russia, Croatia and Slovenia.

3. Can you tell us a bit about Super Value Tours’ product lineup, in terms of the types of trips available?

Lin: Our tours are all fully escorted and cover transportation, admission and most of the meals. They are good for pre- or post-cruise journeys. As well, if guests choose to stay before or after the tours, we usually provide travel information for their own arrangements. We take FIT to join our open groups. We also do company incentive groups with or without meeting functions. Special group travel, such as agricultural, student groups, etc. are available upon request.

Esther Lin, General Manager of Super Value Tours, at a local market in Taipei.

Esther Lin, General Manager of Super Value Tours, at a local market in Taipei.

4. What sets your Japan tours and product apart from those of your competitors?

Lin: As mentioned we have our own operation teams locally with a 24/7 reporting system, which means we take care of any unexpected situations right away and report back to Canada or the U.S. If any action is required, our tour guides deal with it without hesitation. We aim to provide unforgettable memories to our VIP guests each time they travel with us.

5. Taiwan is one of the lesser-known Asian destinations for Canadian travellers. What surprises first-time visitors most about Taiwan, and what are your own favourite sightseeing stops in Taiwan?

Lin: As a small island, it is so easy for travellers to skip it as they don’t know what to see in Taiwan. However I would tell Canadian travellers that Taiwan is a wonder-filled land. You can explore the beauty of Taiwan by bicycle, motorcoach, local or high-speed trains, boats or on foot, from the historic city of Tainan in the south to the modern city of Taipei in the north, and from the plains in the west to the mountain aboriginal areas in the east. The rich culture, cuisine, night markets, picturesque landscape and friendly Taiwanese people have made Taiwan a wonderland. It’s time for Taiwan!

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