Christine Jeynes
Christine Jeynes

“Bucket list specialist” succeeds with supplier partners who treat agents with respect

Christine Jeynes

Christine Jeynes

Christine Jeynes’ business card says it all: ‘Bucket List Specialist, Creating Unique Experiences’. The home-based Port Dalhousie, Ontario agent talks to Sphere about what led her to CTC Travel Group and why ‘bucket list travel’ may be on its way out.

1. What’s your background as a travel agent?

Jeynes: After taking a travel course at O.I.S.E I started as a home based agent with K Walsh, about 12 years ago. At that time, in Canada, outside agents were not very well regarded in the industry even though they were quite common in the U.S.

2. How long have you been with CTC Travel Group and what attracted you to them?

Jeynes: I have been with CTC Travel Group for about four years or so. I was drawn to the CTC Easyway Program because of their technology (I really can work on the beach!) and their collection of private label products. I really enjoy being able to offer my clients something a little different, something that suits THEIR needs.

Bucket List Specialist

3. Your business card has a great line: Bucket List Specialist. Would-be clients must ask about it all the time. Can you describe a great bucket-list trip you put together? What are your other specialties?

Jeynes: My most enjoyable bucket list trip was for a retired couple who went to Australia/New Zealand for four months. The trip included a stop in the Cook Islands, then on to Australia for three months with a car and all the usual sights plus camping, some hotels, some internal flights, some family stays, wineries, etc. Then on to New Zealand for bird-watching, hiking, cruising the glaciers and on and on. I was sooo envious.

Winery in New Zealand

Winery in New Zealand.

I think that bucket lists will be gone in the next generation or two, because it seems that now people just do whatever they want whenever they want. Which is not at all bad for us!

Personally my passion is cruising, all kinds of ships, but I have to say lately I am drawn to the smaller, more intimate ships. I guess I just like being pampered. It really is hard to beat the service on the smaller ships.

4. What are your most successful means of finding / attracting clients?

Jeynes: Most of my clients come to me through referrals, and I always ask if the client would like to travel with friends or family? And then I retain them by smothering them with service!

5. What have you found has brought you the most success when it comes to working with suppliers, as a home-based agent?

Jeynes: In terms of suppliers, we are members of Ensemble so we do have our preferreds but I find I tend to work more with suppliers that 1) are easy to work with and 2) treat agents with a little respect. I often wonder, if they are not treating me well, then how are they treating my clients? And of course a decent commission rate helps too!


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