Brussels and Food


From fries to waffles to beer, the Belgians sure have a knack for tasty treats. Did we mention chocolate? Yes, there’s also chocolate. Here’s a roundup of some of the best
spots in Brussels to eat like a Belgian.


Tucked in a paper cone and smothered in tasty sauces, crisp frites in Brussels are all the rage. While you may have sworn in your life to have tasted the best fries in the world, nowhere will you mean it more than at Frit Flagey, an unassuming little stand with green trimmings. Choose your favourite sauce—from the classics (mayo and ketchup) to the unusual (yes, you, piri-piri)—and tuck into these hot, golden strips that’ll make waiting that line totally worth it.


Follow the sweet scent of icing sugar to Belgian waffles. In Brussels, you can’t round a bend in the Old Town without running into a stand dedicated to this fluffy treat. Make
a beeline for the Waffle Factory, near the iconic Manneken-Pis, for some of the best waffles in the city. With such a name, you would expect to find a slew of waffles, and
you wouldn’t be wrong. But when in Brussels, why not taste the Brussels Waffle, a light
and crisp delight, topped with whipped cream and chocolate. What kind of chocolate? Why, Belgian dark chocolate, of course.


Did somebody say Belgian chocolate? Yes. Yes, we did. After you leave the Waffle Factory, follow the chocolate trail to the shops of famous chocolatiers Pierre Marcolini, Leonidas and Neuhaus. But if it’s artisanal chocolate you’re looking for—and why wouldn’t you be?—then head to Laurent Gerbaud Chocolatier, whose treats are as tasty as whimsical: What’s the Nuts chocolate, anyone?

Then take a stroll through the Belgian Chocolate Village (yes, that’s a thing), where you can taste the latest creations of artisanal chocolate makers.

Still craving more? Take your sweet tooth on Transat’s Brussels Walking Tour & Chocolate Workshop excursion, where you’ll become a master chocolatier and make your own chocolate. Sweet!


Belgian beer is truly intoxicating, with countless bars and restaurants where suds rule.
To hear all about all the different types of brews, explore the Schaerbeek Beer Museum. To drink all the different types of brews, then head to Delirium Café Brussels, the Guinness World Record holder for the most beers for sale—2004, obtained in 2004.
Whet your whistle with famous Trappist or Belgian Abbey beers, or stray off
the beaten path with unusual brews like chocolate, banana, hot pepper or gingerbread beers.

And if that’s still not enough, embark on the Brussels Beer Tasting Tour, during which you’ll savour eight of the best beers in Belgium.