You can soon be arrested in Goa for doing this
Cola Beach, Goa, India

You can soon be arrested in Goa for doing this

GOA — You know that dream we all have of lounging on a beach, drink in hand? Well, you can go ahead and throw that dream out the window, at least in the state of Goa.

The western Indian state is one step closer to banning the consumption of alcohol in public places, including on its world-renowned beaches. Anyone caught with a beer in public could face a fine of Rs2,000 (approximately Can$37) or a jail term of up to three months. Those drinking in groups in public face an ever harsher penalty of Rs10,000 each (Can$187).

The local government has approved the strict new law, which will likely be passed within the next two weeks.

According to Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar, the amendment was brought forth to help curb the ongoing problem of people breaking bottles on the beach, as well as deter anyone from cooking and drinking alcohol in public places.

“Nobody can drink alcohol on our beaches and tourist places any more,” he said. “Bottles can be carried there. Food also cannot be cooked in the open. All these offences will attract a fine of Rs2,000. If the fine is not paid, an offence can be registered. The offender can be arrested and imprisoned for three months.”