Collette’s 100 years of lessons: “Embrace change” and “stay ahead of the curve”
Stephanie Mirando

Collette’s 100 years of lessons: “Embrace change” and “stay ahead of the curve”

Collette’s 100 years of lessons: “Embrace change” and “stay ahead of the curve”

Stephanie Mirando

TORONTO — Collette turned 100 last year, a major milestone that few companies ever get to achieve.

With a full century behind them, and endless opportunities ahead, we asked Stephanie Mirando, Senior Manager of Canadian Partnerships, what has the company learned in all this time, and where does it go from here?

1. Collette celebrated its anniversary with a commemorative tour that retraced the company’s very first itinerary in 1918. Tell us, how did the idea come about, and what were some of the highlights?

Our centennial celebration was truly a highlight for our employees, travel agents, and partners worldwide who have been such an integral part of shaping our business over the last 100 years. As a company, we’re very proud of the growth that we’ve experienced over the years, as well as very mindful of how it all began. Having the opportunity to recreate that original journey from Boston to Florida and being able to trace the steps of our original travellers is really humbling for a business that has grown from two to 600+ employees worldwide.

2. After 100 years in business, what do you think are some of the most important lessons that the company has learned about travel and the travel industry?

The biggest lesson that we have learned is how important it is to allow for and embrace change. The travel industry is constantly changing and it’s important for us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and destinations for our guests.

3. What’s next for Collette in year 101? Where do you go from here?

We’re committed to working alongside our partners and travel agents to offer superior service and top-notch tours that are expertly designed. We’re always looking to do something different when it comes to experiences on tour and we’re dedicated to providing more on tour for our guests at a price point that they are comfortable with.

4. Collette is known for being agent-focused. How do you plan on working with agents this year?

You’ll be the first to know about flash sales and incentives throughout the year and keep your eyes peeled for an updated agent learning program, relaunching later this year.

5. Knowing what you know now, what would you tell Collette’s team in Year One to ensure another 100 years of success?

It’s important to always communicate! We’ve built many of our relationships on the premise of transparency, and we’re really proud of that.

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