What are the world’s least and most ‘touristy’ destinations?
A river in Bangladesh.

What are the world’s least and most ‘touristy’ destinations?

TORONTO  — The world is teeming with tourists – or is it?

After analyzing World Bank data, Priceonomics has found the least and most likely places in the world to be overcrowded with travellers. The analysis compared the number of visitors arriving in each country to the size of its population, and the results may surprise you.

Coming out on top as the least touristy place in the world is Bangladesh, which boasted some 1,273 locals per tourist, far exceeding the next least tourist country – Guinea (Africa) – which had 372 locals per travellers.

The third least tourist nation with 323 locals per visitor was Moldova in Eastern Europe, while India came in fourth with 169 locals per visitor. Rounding out the top five was Sierra Leone, with 144 locals per visitor.

On the other side of the spectrum, the most ‘touristy’ countries in the world are as follows: Andorra, with 32.4 tourists per local, Aruba, with 10.4 tourists per local, and Monaco, with 8.7 tourists per local.  Bahrain and Palau round out the top five, with 7.7 and 6.7 tourists per local, respectively.