Belgrade, Serbia (photo credit Shutterstock)

Where is the world’s best party city? The answer will surprise you

TORONTO — Looking for a good party? The best ones can be found in a city that may never have crossed your radar before.

Slotsia, a U.K.-based comparison site for no deposit casinos, has ranked the top 36 party destinations in the world based on a number of criteria that includes total number of bars, clubs and casinos, crime rate, safety, and average costs for accommodations, meals and alcohol.

Its findings show that the #1 best party city isn’t the usual hotspots of New York City or London – in fact, neither of these cities cracked the top 10.

No, if you want a guaranteed good time, you have to head to Belgrade, Serbia, home to a mixture of 130 bars, clubs and casinos. It also has a low crime index of 10/100 and a high safety score of 70.83/100. Plus, party revellers can stretch their dollars further in Belgrade since two nights’ accommodation costs a mere Can$43, while a meal at McDonald’s only costs $6.61.

But the best thing about Belgrade is the price of a pint, which is a measly $2.26! Cheers to that!

Here are the top 10 party cities:

  1.  Belgrade
  2. Playa del Carmen
  3. Singapore
  4. St. Petersburg
  5. Cabo San Lucas
  6. Tokyo
  7. Seoul
  8. Istanbul
  9. Bangkok
  10. Buenos Aires

Montreal did Canada proud by coming in at #14. The city is home to 224 bars, clubs and casinos, has a safety score of 68.34 and a crime index of 5/100, and average prices of $141.29 for two nights’ accommodation, $9.76 for a McDonald’s meal, and $6.35 for a pint.

Slotsia also compiled data to find the best cities in a number of categories:

Amount of Bars and Clubs: London
Casinos: Las Vegas
Accommodation: Bangkok
Transport/Taxi Cost: Bangkok
Fast Food: Istanbul
Price of a Pint: Cabo San Lucas
Least Amount of Crime: Tokyo
Best Safety at Night: Singapore

To see the full list go to https://slotsia.com/uk/global-party-cities/.