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Whatever happened to that camel, cow and donkey?

GODDARD, KS — Remember the trio of friends – a camel, cow and donkey – that was seen wandering along the side of a Kansas road? Thanks to the magic of Christmas, they ended up being booked to appear in a Nativity scene at the Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

It’s like they wished it and it came true!

Sully the camel, Gus the donkey, and Rufus the cow were the celebrity guests last Saturday during a holiday event at the park, reports The Wichita Eagle.

The trio first made headlines last month when the Goddard Police Department asked for help in a Facebook post locating the owners of the “three friends travelling together (towards a Northern star).”

Law enforcement later determined that they belonged to an employee of the wildlife part, but not before posting that if they couldn’t find the owner, they would be “halfway toward a live Nativity this Christmas season.”

The holiday event, called Happy Hoof-i-days, was a first for the park, which normally is closed from mid-November through mid-March.

We’re sure Sully, Gus and Rufus did a fabulous job. Be sure to book them for your next holiday event!

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