Credit: Devon Keith/Goddard Police Department via AP

A camel, cow and donkey were spotted travelling together on Kansas road

GODDARD, KS — Stop us if you’ve heard this one already: A camel, a cow and a donkey walk into a bar…

Well, not quite, but the unlikely trio were discovered by authorities roaming together along a Kansas road in a grouping reminiscent of a Midwestern Christmas Nativity scene.

UPDATE- The Owner has been located.

Does anyone know the owners of these three friends traveling together (towards a…

Posted by Goddard Police Department on Sunday, November 17, 2019


The Goddard Police Department asked for help Sunday in locating the owners of the “three friends travelling together (towards a Northern star).”

Police said in a Facebook post that if they couldn’t find the owners, they would be “halfway toward a live Nativity this Christmas season.”

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Meyers says the animals belong to an employee of the nearby Tanganyika Wildlife Park.

One person who replied to the Facebook post inquired, “Are there 3 wise looking men near?” Another speculated that they “may lead you to the Second Coming.”

Goddard is about 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of Wichita.

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