WestJet’s latest video plays out like a high-stakes heist film

WestJet’s latest video plays out like a high-stakes heist film

CALGARY — WestJet’s latest video starts off as a fast-paced action flick but ends like a feel-good family movie.

The minute-long brand spot, titled ‘Escape,’ opens with a group of what appears to be bank robbers, high-tailing their way to their getaway car with police sirens wailing the distance. What follows is a heart-pumping car chase through winding streets, ultimately ending at…the airport?

Turns out the bandits on the run were just a family of four trying desperately to catch their WestJet flight to Cancun. Luckily for them, they were greeted by a trusted WestJetter who helped them get to their flight in time.

“Escape is all about celebrating our WestJetters as the true agents of care and connection for our guests,” says Mariam Wilton, WestJet’s Brand Manager. “Many of our guests haven’t travelled since the onset of the pandemic and can relate to being out of travel practice. We wanted to playfully remind guests that when they fly with us, our WestJetters will be here to make travel better so that they can love where they’re going.”

To further support Canadians as they return to travel, WestJet’s ‘Travel Ready’ video series highlights what guests can expect throughout their journey and how WestJet is putting their Safety Above All.

‘Escape’ was shot across two days in Toronto by Los Angeles-based director Leigh Marling and Animals Production. The video was split between the downtown core and Lester B. Pearson Airport.

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