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We’re over it: Contiki heading into space to escape the pandemic

TORONTO — Just how badly does Contiki want to travel right now? It’s heading into space to get its travel fix.

Announced today of all days, April 1, the adventure tour operator is launching ContikiX, affordable space travel exclusively for millennials and Gen Z that’s literally out of this world.

“Due to the pandemic and questionable state of the planet, I think a lot of people are over Earth at the moment and are looking for an escape,” says Sheralyn Berry, president of Contiki Canada. “Which is why we can’t wait to offer this once-in-a-lifetime experience to our guests in the future and to be among the first humans to orbit Earth.”



Partnering with an undisclosed tech firm that works closely with Elon Musk’s aerospace company Space X, and Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactica, travellers of the future can orbit the planet from more than 300 kilometres up. As an added bonus, they’ll enjoy delicious meals prepared by an award-winning chef, spacious rooms with comfortable beds and even an onboard dancefloor so that they can ‘moonwalk’ their way to infinity and beyond. 

“We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve, always developing new and unique experiences for youths looking for a good time and the extraordinary,” adds Berry. “Now with ContikiX, together we are literally reaching for the stars.”

To register go to And have a very interstellar April Fool’s.