Weak UK pound, Royal visit could boost tourism to Britain

LONDON – The pound has dropped to a 31-year low against the U.S. dollar as worries over the recent Brexit vote as talks to leave the European Union continue to affect the currency, making it a more affordable holiday destination than in the past.

Investors have been selling the currency since a speech on Sunday by Prime Minister Theresa May, who said her government plans to start the process of leaving the European Union by the end of March 2017.

Meanwhile, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge officially wrapped up their eight-day tour of B.C. and Yukon today with a departure ceremony in Victoria.

Prince William issued a statement saying he and Kate are grateful for the warmth and hospitality they received, adding they are lucky to have been able to introduce their children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte – to Canada.

The Royal visit will help solidify the emotional tie Canadians have with Britain, possibly spurring more tourism this year and in 2017.

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